Toosum Global Goodness™️ was founded in 2013 in Seattle, Washington USA. We are experts in gourmet sauces and syrups and have scoured the world to source the finest ingredients to bring consumers Global Goodness in the form of our superior quality, decadent products. Toosum’s™️ sauces and syrups can be found in Latin America, Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Middle East.

At Toosum™️, we supply the world with the finest-quality, gourmet sauces and flavored syrups on the market today.

We use the highest quality ingredients in our products which are handcrafted in small batches. Our rich, decadent sauces are blended to perfection for your dessert and ice cream favorites. Be sure to try our NEW line of gourmet syrups which are made with 100% pure cane sugar and natural flavors for your coffees, cocktails and beverages.

We also now offer a NEW line of SUGAR FREE products to meet dietary needs. Our products are offered in both retail and food service configurations. Visit our Toosum™️ product page for more information.


At Toosum, our mission is realized through our core values, employees, and the idea of bringing communities and families together through a cup of coffee, a shared dessert, or milkshakes with the kids. This vision is what shapes our company culture and guides our business strategies.



There’s no secret “sauce” when it comes to building a great business, but instead, it is rooted in solid core values of quality, results, accountability and gratitude.

Trust: Trust is the primary pillar in our core values. We understand that our customer’s trust us to provide superior products and exceptional customer service. We deliver on this by maintaining transparent dialogue, striving to fulfill orders in a timely manner, and supplying quality products.

People: At Toosum, “People” does not only mean our customers, but also our employees, consumers who eat our products and all stakeholders. We work relentlessly to service our customers while building a harmonious working environment for our employees. We understand that our customers and our employees are at the heart of Toosum and the reason for our existence.

Passion: At Toosum, passion drives our motivation, vision and innovation. It allows us to continually do great things and develop superior sauces and syrups. Nothing happens without passion.

We are seeking new distributors in foreign markets.
Please contact us directly if you are interested in distribution of Toosum products.